Barbie is My Spirit Guide in 2013

I get a lot of flack from people when they see how my eyes light up when I see a new Barbie doll in the store. It doesn’t make sense to them how a seemingly strong and independent adult woman who considers herself a feminist, can also adore a tiny plastic doll long criticised for her impossibly curvaceous proportions. Ahh, Barbie, of tiny waist and pink clothing. Barbie, of perfect smile and twinkling eyes. I guess I just can’t help it, I love the girl! With three Barbie-loving nieces who were showered this Christmas with everything from “Mermaid Barbie” to “Pet Doctor Barbie” (it’s called a veterinarian, Mattel) it’s clear that Barbie’s appeal continues to grow and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, she is impossibly beautiful and perfect and that can be slightly annoying. I rarely bake pies in short mini dresses with perfect makeup and heels like “I Can Be A Baker Barbie, ” but I’ve learned to view her as an a-typical heroine urging us to love ourselves a little more, smile a little wider, and bring a little more beauty into this world. On the surface, she might be all hard plastic and glossy hair, but Barbie’s inspirational message of becoming what you dream or envision is powerful. I will never forget the power the 1980’s era “Day to Night Barbie” had on my seven year old mind: “Wow! You can be a businesswoman by day, and paint the town red (or pink in B’s case) by night!” She could do anything and made me feel like I could, too. So, in the coming year, I will be employing the question WWBD – What Would Barbie Do – when I face a dilemma or a challenge. Perhaps a little Barbie positivity is something we all could use today, whether you like to wear pink or not!


I Can Be A Baker Barbie. Open toe heels not recommended for humans.


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