Great Small and Big Screen Pie Moments Week 2

Waitress (2007)

This little independent romantic comedy has all the right ingredients of humor, sentimentality, and charm! Waitress was the directorial debut of indie-movie princess Adrienne Shelly, who tragically lost her life before the movie premiered. The all star cast includes Keri Russell who plays Jenna, a depressed waitress working at Joe’s Pie Diner and stuck in an abusive marriage; Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Shelly, her hilarious fellow waitresses; Nathan Fillion as her lovelorn ObGyn; and Andy Griffith (in his last film role) as Joe. The biggest character throughout the film though is Jenna’s famous pies, all inspired by her complicated and messy life. By the end of the movie, you will be wishing for a slice of I Hate My Husband Pie or Fallin’ In Love Chocolate Mousse Pie!



Great Small and Big Screen Pie Moments Week 1

I was sitting around with my good friend Aaron Morrow last week when we started discussing one of our favorite topics – tv and film – and interesting moments that pie was used in both of these mediums over the years. Now I know that most people’s minds go to the teenage sex comedy American Pie, but I decided to come up with some less obvious choices that I think are worth checking out. These are great films and television shows on their own merit and the writers found unique ways to use food as a metaphor to support or forward the plot lines. Besides that, they always make you hungry for a slice of pie. So, without further ado…my first pick:

Twin Peaks (1990)

Some people loved it, some people were disturbed by it, and most were confused, but no one could deny the lasting impact of David Lynch’s haunting 1990 television series, Twin Peaks. Set in the Pacific Northwest long before anyone heard of those silly day-walking vampires (sorry Twilight fans) Twin Peaks revolved around the mysterious death of high school beauty queen Laura Palmer and the kooky townspeople who knew her. At the heart of the series was Special Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle Maclachlan, brought in by the FBI to investigate Laura’s death and the nefarious elements surrounding her murder. In typical David Lynch fashion, the disturbing and violent elements of the series were tempered with humorous moments often taking place at the Double R Diner where Dale Cooper and local Sheriff Harry Truman would go for a “damn fine cup of coffee” and a slice of cherry pie. While at the diner, the duo would piece together the mystery of Laura’s death and much more. This show is a gem and worth checking out. The full two season series is available on Netflix.